Sunday, 25 December 2011

Who Is Manipulating Blogspot Blogs: Google Or Malicious Competitors?

Abuses of Google are jeoparadising its reputation and trust. Google platforms like Blogs are often manipulated wither by internal rouge employees or by external malicious users. In the past, bugs in Google’s webmaster tools allowed anyone to remove a site from Google even if he is not the owner or controller of the removed site. Further, the report abuse button on the Blogs is itself abused by competitors and malicious users. If you are lucky and somehow managed to save you Blog from being removed from Google, censorship of Blogs by Google is there to add to your woes.

Our Blog titled Cyber Laws In India is one such Blog that has been removed from Google. New posts are not appearing in the search results although a site operator shows the same. But none is interested in reading blog posts by doing site operator function as it is a diagnostic method and not a way to find new contents. Even results at Blog search have been affected.

Thanks to some rouge employee’s action at Google or an over protective automated bot of Google or some over zealous competitor, our Blog has been demoted and delisted from Google. However, there must be some mechanism where a real person may check the misdeeds of either Google’s employees or system or those malicious users who are generating false positives.

Our Blog seems to be a victim of rivalry by our competitors. If not, than it is an internal issue of Google and it must be investigated further. There is nothing wrong on the part of Google in these cases except that it must analyse things first before banning. If Google restores back the accounts that means there was nothing wrong with the contents. All that is wrong on the part of Google is that it has a policy that allows "ban first restore later" that must be changed.

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