Wednesday 25 January 2012

Use Of Video Conferencing In India

Video conferencing in India has been in use for commercial and governmental purposes. Indian courts have been using video conferencing for recording evidence of witnesses. Similarly, corporate houses are using video conferencing for business purposes.

However, video conferencing in India is a troubled technology. The recent episode of Rajasthan government and Rajasthan police not allowing the video conferencing of Salman Rushdie shows Indian struggle with information technology.

We have no dedicated video conferencing laws and regulations in India. Obviously, we have no dedicated video conferencing blocking laws in India as well. In the absence of a clear cut law, Indian government is following procedures that do not justify its stand.

Use of video conferencing for expressing one’s views and opinions is a part of right to speech and expression. Such speech and expression cannot be curbed unless certain constitutional requirements are fulfilled.

India needs to make it sure that technological uses like video conferencing are not blocked by citing arbitrary and extraneous reasons. Otherwise, it would amount to violating the right to speech and expression.

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