Friday 2 March 2012

News, Blogs And Websites Censorship By Google

Most of you may aware that Google often removes offensive contents on valid legal requests. However, Google also refuses to remove an alleged offending content if it feels that the content accused to be offensive or violative is not violating Google’s terms and conditions and its policies.

However, what about those contents, blog posts, news articles and websites searches those are clandestinely manipulated, removed or demoted by Google? There is no account of such contents that are removed by Google in its sole discretion and without any justification.

I just came across a very good blog titled Websites, Blogs and News Censorship by Google and India that is providing first hand information and unique information about censorship and results manipulation aspects of Google. Although Google gives an idea about the number of governmental requests for blocking of websites and removal of objectionable contents yet Google does not make it public. This Blog would fill that gap, at least regarding some controversial topics of India.

Some of the areas that are covered by the blog are Aadhar project, central monitoring system (CMS), e-surveillance, human rights in cyberspace, international organisations, internet censorship, national cyber coordination centre (NCCC), national intelligence grid (Natgrid), national counter terrorism centre (NCTC), news, phone tapping, websites blocking, others, etc.

Blogs, news and websites manipulations by Google in these areas have been covered by these categories that are frequently updated. This blog is one place stop for all censorship and contents manipulation and removal exercises of Google. Some of the posts covered by the blog so far are:

(1) Methods that Google uses to Filter, Manipulate and Censor Contents

(2) Posts, News and Articles that Appeared and Disappeared at Google

(3) Google Defeated by Splogs, Content Farms and National Censorships

(4) News Results Censorship by Google in India

(5) Websites, Blogs and News Censorship and Results Manipulation by Google

Unfortunately, the blog itself seems to have been censored and filtered by Google so you have to bookmark the same for regular updates. Additionally you may like to subscribe the feeds of the blog. If you have your own experiences to share, contact the blog with your experiences.

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