Monday 30 April 2012

Google Fears Controversial Posts

Of late Google has been increasingly succumbing to governmental and private companies’ pressures and is censoring useful and controversial posts. Even a dedicated website titled Websites, Blogs and News Censorship by Google and India has been launched to cover the censorship activities of Google in general and violation of civil liberties by Google and Indian government in particular.

The latest to add to this list is the news article titled Vodafone taxation, parliament, international treaty and taxation issues of India.  The same has been reported by the post titled Vodafone taxation dispute in India and censorship by Google.

Not only news, but even other posts and articles are deliberately censored and deleted by Google. They resurface again only after this fact of censorship is publicly discussed.

It is high time for Google to mend its ways as these activities of Google also amount to abuse of its dominant position. If manipulations and censorships are guided by commercial interests and by these activities the civil liberties are violated, this is a serious issue.

Regulators across the world must investigate this behaviour of Google and come out with their own explanations in this regard.

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