Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Google Censored NCTC News And Blog Posts In India

Another instance of censorship by Google in India has been reported. It has been reported that Google is now censoring national counter terrorism centre (NCTC) and intelligence agencies related news, search and blog results in India.

Indian government is under tremendous pressure from various parties and states after its proposal regarding establishment of NCTC in India. This is the reason why it has forced Google to censor NCTC and intelligence agencies related results in India. The news article first appeared in Google news but was censored by Google within an hour of its publication.

This act of Google is a gross violation of civil liberties in general and right to speech and expression in particular. Anticipating further censorship on the part of Google, the article in controversy has been reposted at another platform.

Some of the results that first appeared in Google search results and Google news and then disappeared are:

(a) National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) of India

(2) National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) of India Is Required

(3) Parliamentary Oversight of Intelligence Agencies of India Is Needed.

Indian government has finally succeeded in arm twisting Google and forcing it to remove articles and news that do not violate any provisions. In fact, these news and articles are discussing national security and nation interests of India that Indian government is not willing to undertake.

While it is obvious that Indian government wishes to silent all critical and contrary posts yet why Google is becoming a puppet of Indian government is not clear. The only explanation seems to be that Google is just keeping in mind its commercial interests and is least bothered about civil liberties of netizens. If this is the attitude of Google, its downfall has already begun.

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