Thursday, 16 February 2012

Online Legal Courses In India By PTLB

Online education in India is slowly and steadily being used by many individuals and organisations. Legal education has also been streamlined due to use of information technology. For instance, legal e-learning in India is become one of the favourite methods of knowledge gaining in India. Similarly, e-learning for lawyers in India is increasingly being explored.

With the merger of technology and law, new fields and careers are emerging in India and world wide. Techno legal skills development in India is also seen as a requirement by Indian corporate sector. However, our present educational system is not stressing upon skills and practical trainings but is academic in nature.

In this background, techno legal training and educational institutions like Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) are playing a very crucial role in the techno legal education development in India. PTLB is the exclusive techno legal education and training institution of India that is providing online cyber law education in India, online cyber forensics courses in India, online cyber security courses in India, online ethical hacking courses in India, etc.

These courses and trainings are managed by the techno legal e-learning platform of PTLB. The entire process beginning from enrollment to successful completion of trainings is done in an online environment from the comfort of your homes.

Just fill the “application form” and send the same to the Address mentioned at the form along with “prescribe fees”. To get more idea about the courses and trainings of PTLB and the scope, nature, duration, fees, etc, of such courses, see FAQs before applying.

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