Thursday 15 December 2011

Important RBI Press Releases And Notifications

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently issues many important and far reaching press releases and notifications. These include compounding of contraventions under the foreign exchange management act 1999 (FEMA 1999), delegation of the compounding powers of RBI to its regional offices, risks management and inter bank dealings, FDI in the form of issuance of equity shares, etc.

The following are important press releases of RBI:

(1) Compounding Of Contraventions Under FEMA, 1999

(2) RBI Delegates Compounding Powers Under FEMA To Its Regional Offices

(3) Risk Management And Inter Bank Dealings In India

(4) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) In India - Issue Of Equity Shares Under The FDI Scheme Allowed Under The Government Route

(5) Foreign Investment In Pharmaceuticals Sector - Amendment To The FDI Scheme

(6) RBI: Indian Banks’ Investments In Non Subsidiary And Non Financial Services Companies

Business entities dealing in these areas would be benefited if they go through these releases and notifications. I hope readers and various stakeholders would find them useful.

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