Saturday 24 December 2011

Why Google Censored Cyber Laws In India Blog

Recently Internet intermediaries in India were asked to pre screen contents. Basically it meant that India wanted companies like Google and Facebook to censor users’ contents. While pre screening of users contents was out rightly rejected by these Internet intermediaries yet censorship on the basic of governmental demands seems to have been accepted.

At least Google is manipulating search engine results page (SERPs) and blogs search results in India. It seems Google has succumbed to the pressures of either Indian government or some rouge employees of Google are doing it on behalf of Indian government or private players.

It is not the case that Google was not doing this previously. In the past Google has censored Aadhar and UIDAI related search results. For some strange reasons Google is engaging in two forms of web censorship. The first one is by putting relevant and critical posts in blackholes. The second method is by actively manipulating the Google news and search results.

Further, it has also temporarily filtered some of our posts questioning the practice of World Bank to grant unaccountable loans to countries like India. Further, international loans and grants related posts questioning the role of World Bank and Indian government are also poorly placed in search results.

Google has been in controversies from time to time. Whether it is illegal data gathering, censorship of Google news searches, manipulation of search results, etc, Google has been doing it all. Clearly, Google is loosing the search related quality due to these manipulations. Now Google is trying to manipulate with the news results as well as search engines results pages (SERPs) by expressly going against its motto of don’t be evil.

The latest to add to this growing censorship list of Google is our blog titled Cyber Laws In India. Its SERPs and blog search results have been degraded to such an extent that it has now almost become unavailable. The webmaster tool is not showing any defect or problem and the blog is perfect in every sense. Still it has been degraded without any reason. Perhaps censorship at the instance of either Indian government or a private party is the sole reason. Let the Google explain the same.

Now consider the search engines like Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. They have acquired a good reputation and goodwill among the users due to their consistency and lack of censorship activities. Time has come to test Google’s intentions and claims before relying upon them.

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