Friday 14 December 2012

Legal Issues Of Online Business In India

Legal issues of online business in India are still not taken seriously by majority of Indian and international e-commerce entrepreneurs and players. Although there are many e-commerce laws and regulations in India yet many e-commerce players are not paying heed to the same. 

Naturally Indian government has become serious about violation of various laws by many e-commerce players. For instance, Indian government has already referred the cases of Flipkart and Bharti Walmart to the Enforcement Directorate for alleged violation of foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations. Similarly, a probe against Walmart in India for market access lobbying has been ordered by Indian government.

Our legal system does not have enough safeguards in place to address issues like identity theft, unfair credit charges and other such problems. These issues are closely related to online shopping and e-commerce business.

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  1. In this severe case, I guess having imposed rules and regulations alone is not sufficient. The e-commerce players are not afraid of those laws because they are just words and do they no harm. Therefore, stricter enforcement needs to be put in place like harsh punishment for those who do not abide by the law. The players will then be afraid of fines and other modes of punishment and will have to adhere to the rules.