Monday 17 December 2012

Structuring Of Investments In Indian E-Commerce Sector

The structuring of investments in Indian e-commerce sector is not an easy task to manage. On the one hand the e-commerce players must comply with the technical requirements whereas on the other hand they have to follow the laws of the land. In short, e-commerce businesses in India must ensure techno legal compliances in India.

E-commerce laws and regulation of India are scattered under various enactments. This is the reason that a majority of e-commerce players in India do not know about the same. In fact, a common perception among e-commerce players of India, both national and international, is that laws of India are not required to be followed to do e-commerce business in India.

FDI in wholesale trading and e-commerce sectors of India under consolidated FDI policy of India 2012 was given a major boost by Indian government. Even the parliament of India recently approved FDI in e-commerce sector of India. This has given rise to an increased activity in the e-commerce field.

However, while structuring of investments in e-commerce business in India both national and global financer, investors and private equity players must keep in mind the techno legal requirements of India. In case of doubt they may seek the techno legal services of Perry4Law and similar law firms.

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