Monday 13 June 2011

Judges Training In India By PTLB

Training of judges in India is a much needed requirement. This is more so regarding online training of judges in India. Online training can open many avenues for Indian judiciary to upgrade its knowledge and skills on a regular basis. It is not always possible to leave the intricate day to day court work and join classes or training outside court complex.

Lifelong learning for judges in India is another good option. Lifelong learning ensures that judges are regularly in touch with the contemporary national and international legal standards. Further, laws also keep on changing from time to time. It is always beneficial if judges are regularly made aware of the contemporary laws.

A special emphasis must be given to technology related laws and regulations. These include telecommunication laws, cyber laws, digital evidencing and electronic evidencing, online dispute resolutions (ODR), e-courts, etc.

The reforms must also be done at the legal education level. From the basic level legal education to continuing legal education in India (CLE in India), everything must be streamlined. Such CLE in India must be combined for legal and judicial trainings in India.

Judicial infrastructures in India also need to be improved and modernised. Not only Indian courts must be computerised but e-courts in India must also be constituted. The present e-courts infrastructure of India needs rejuvenation as it has not improved at all.

Indian judges must be urgently trained in fields like cyber law, cyber forensics, e-courts, ODR, etc. The present national litigation policy of India (NLPI) must be suitably amended to meet these objectives.

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