Saturday 11 June 2011

Police In India Needs Cyber Law Training

Cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate in India. However, law enforcement officials are not at all trained to deal with high tech crimes. As a result we have almost nil cyber crimes conviction in India.

Another reason for poor conviction rate for cyber crimes in India is due to weak and ineffective cyber law of India. The information technology act, 2000 (IT Act 2000) is the only cyber law of India. It was poorly amended in 2008 through the information technology amendment act 2008 (IT Act 2008).

Through the IT Act 2008 almost all the cyber crimes in India have been made bailable. With a poor track record of disposal of cases in India, this bailable nature of cyber law makes the conviction of cyber criminals almost impossible in India.

Indian government must repeal the present cyber law and enact a new and stronger cyber law. At the same time, police force of India must be suitably trained in areas like cyber law and cyber forensics. In short, police force in India needs good and effective techno legal trainings to deal with growing nuisance of cyber crimes in India.

Police in India need to enroll for cyber security courses, cyber forensics courses and cyber skills development courses. Police force must also develop cyber forensics skills so that cyber crimes can be solved.

Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) is offering techno legal research, training and education to law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors and lawyers, judicial officers, corporate executives, law graduates, professionals, etc.

To widen the ambit and scope of this training, an online platform has been launched to provide online training to all interested persons and institutions. Police personnel can get themselves enrolled there to get good techno legal trainings.

With proper techno legal trainings, police force in India would be better equipped to tackle cyber crimes in India.

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