Saturday 11 June 2011

National Security Policy Of India

Policy decisions are not easy to take. This is especially true if we are talking about national security policy of a nation. National security policy has to cover a wide spectrum and gamut of areas starting from traditional security concerns to cyber security.

National security policy of India is yet to be formulated. In fact, national security policy of India is urgently required. This requires a dedicate effort in this regard. We have to list all the possible areas of national security and then start working upon them one by one.

However, India is not very good at providing legal frameworks for national security related issues. In fact, there is a general abhorrence among Indian Parliament to enact suitable, timely and relevant laws.

Take the example of Indian law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They are practically governed by no legal framework in India. Even they are operating secretly and without any accountability. The worst part is that there is no Parliamentary oversight of these law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies.

Even the premier investigation agency of India known as central bureau of investigation (CBI) of India is not governed by any law. It is only with the draft central bureau of investigation act, 2010 (Bill) that some sort of legal framework has been suggested for CBI.

While drafting the national security policy of India, Indian government must consider all these aspects. To start with, Indian law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies must be made more transparent and accountable through proper legal framework. Once that is achieved, other issues must also be picked one by one.

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